Four Times

I’d been missing Alec quite a bit when I encountered a prompt calling for a poem inspired by D. Nurkse’s “Every Great Novel Ends in Sleep.” I chose as my piece of fiction to escape into, the movie Candyman.


Four Times

(for Alec)

Because I’ve done nothing but miss you all month,
Come slip away with me into the scene where Helen
Enters his side of the mirror through his
Muraled lips open in a silent scream, and slices her
Curious fingertips on a sliver of razor embedded in a
Foil-wrapped candy. Sweets to the sweet.
We can stay for a while once she’s gone. We have
His permission to cling closer. Kiss me. Don’t mind
The bees when they come to tangle in my hair.
Just pass me the taste of your last cigarette from
Your lips, transmute the toxins and give me only the
Indulgence as you unzip the hoodie I’ve pulled on
Against the damp, and put your hands inside. We’ll say
Our thanks to him before we go, counting on our fingers
So we don’t carelessly reach five.


(photo: movie still)


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