Hic Sunt Dracones Mellifera

I started having very intense dreams of a shadowy man again after Alec and I split. It took me a while to admit that I did know who this poem was for, this time.

The title translates (more or less) to “Here be dragons bearing honey.”


Hic Sunt Dracones Mellifera

(for Alec)

We have chosen not to find each other yet,
But you’re out there — and to you, I’m in here,
Where my afflicted Saturn waits to be transited
And conjoined by your aspect-bedecked Pluto.

I don’t know the wales of tweed by touch, as
You surely will, and you’ve never seen a sapsucker,
But we’ll still find our singular ways to that place
Where we were meant to collide and intertwine.

For now, I’m undiscovered country, and you…
Well, that’s why they put sea serpents on maps,
Isn’t it? You’re unidentified and might just bite, and
I might bring you your first taste of saguaro honey.


(photo: public domain)


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