High on a hill, where peace abides

I’m spending most of my days quietly. I walk a lot, and spend a lot of time in meditation. It’s Kuan Yin I turn to now that I’m feeling settled again, or maybe it’s that she’s been here all along and I didn’t have to do any turning. I’m feeling drawn to the Medicine Buddha, as well, and I’ve put up a mandala dedicated to him as part of the healing section of my altar.

I feel other spirits, too, surprising ones. I finish a round of mantras and sit for a moment in the peace of it, my smoky quartz mala draped over my hands. I feel a gentle wash of its energies all the way through me — strength, survival, grounding. It’s an unexpected gift; smoky quartz is my favorite stone ally, but I haven’t worked directly with it in years.

The not-as-quiet days are when Alec is here. Beyond the obvious ways his energy stirs me up, he gets me active and feeling like engaging with the world a lot more. It feels like a good balance for the seclusion and meditation. We’ve talked about the spiritual possibilities of some of what we get up to, but right now we’re still in the midst of just celebrating like crazy.

It’s early to say yet, but I think we’re going to manage once a week or so even with all the travel. I’ve never really figured out his work schedule — if there even is one — and of course I don’t have a schedule of any kind. We’ll just let things fall as they do; that seems to be the best plan of action for me about a lot of things.

Kuan Yin seems pleased with how things are working out, too:

You have found clarity, insight, and compassion. The bodhisattva smiles on you. Be strong and consistent on your path. Someone who knows the right way will be there to help you. You can trust what the future will bring.

(photo: centrodedharma.ngalso.org)


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