Poet’s Choice

The work I consider my best often doesn’t get much response from readers. I’m not sure why; maybe my taste in my own work isn’t good, or maybe it’s just the luck of when they were posted.

A Baker’s Dozen of My (Longer) Best

Ars Physica
At Water’s Edge
Ballade at Arles
Ekphrasis on a Kintsugi Bowl
In the Garden at Hsi Lai Temple
Lagniappe Donuts
Millholm Lane
Morning After Ocean Song
Penelope at the Airport
Rimas Dissolutas Before Moving Overseas
The Tulip Merchant
Wolfblood Sestina

A Baker’s Half-Dozen of my (Shorter) Best

A bowl of blue plums…
A gift of opals…
Her life become marginalia…
I breathe steam…
I awaken to…
On the nature trail…
This is not about mourning…